Reformer Beginner course:

This 8 week course is aimed at those who are new to Reformer Pilates. Along with learning to use the Reformer machines properly, this class focuses on Pilates principles and exercise fundamentals as well as optimal movement for your body. 

Reformer Level 1:

This class moves at a pace that assumes you’re acquainted with our Reformer machines, that you have a familiarity of fundamental Pilates Reformer exercises, and that you have a basic awareness of your body in movement. A Level 1 class will challenge your core while also working your arms and legs, too. This class focuses on coordination as well as total body mobility and introduces some balance and stability work. A basic level of fitness is required to attend a Level 1 class.

Reformer Level 2:

This class builds on Level 1 and moves at a pace that assumes you’ve a certain level of coordination, movement experience, and body awareness. At Level 2, workouts are aimed at increasing core control as well as further developing your overall strength. This class places greater emphasis on challenging your flexibility, stability and balance. A Level 2 class introduces some intermediate exercises. Level 2 class is NOT suitable for Beginner clients and is a prerequisite of Level 3.

Reformer Level 3 (Intermediate):

A Level 3 class at The Pilates Room is an intermediate class. In a Level 3 class, workouts involve more complex movements requiring greater stability and balance. Prerequisites for this class include a year or more of Level 2 classes, a certain level of flexibility, good core control, decent total body strength as well as excellent body awareness. Workouts at Level 3 aim to further develop all of the above and introduce some advanced Reformer Pilates exercises.

Back Specific Pilates course:

A recent study has shown that patients with a history of chronic low back pain will improve if they partake in small modified Pilates Classes which are specifically designed for patients with recurrent back pain. Our Chartered Physiotherapist has designed a program aimed at just this group. The classes are kept small to enable us to provide close individual attention. There will be a gradual progression from session to session but the classes are small enough to tailor for any individual needs. Our goal is to teach Pilates exercises that patients will use in the long term, to strengthen and improve flexibility in the back and so reduce the recurrence of pain. 

Pregnancy Reformer Pilates:

Reformer Pregnancy Pilates is great way to promote strength, mobility, flexibility, good posture and overall cardiovascular fitness. We focus on improving function of the pelvic floor and lower abdominal muscles. Exercises are specifically designed for you as your body changes and can help to reduce pelvic pain and joint discomfort. Our classes are a great meeting place for mums to be in a welcoming and relaxing environment. The Reformer is ideal for pregnancy Pilates as its versatility gives so many options for exercising. It will always be both fun and challenging.

Postnatal Reformer Pilates:

Postnatal Pilates is an ideal  way to recover after the birth of your new baby. Focus is on restoring abdominal and pelvic muscles, improve posture and to help overcome back/pelvic girdle pain. its also a great opportunity to meet other new mothers and share experiences.  Of course your baby is welcome and no previous Pilates experience is required.