Upcoming Courses

Upcoming courses Autumn 2017

A  limited number of spaces are available in our current courses – please call for more details.

8 Week Beginner Reformer courses

Castletroy Studio:

Friday the 22nd of September at 9.10

Monday the 23rd of October at 8pm

Thursday the 26th of October at 7pm

Saturday 4th of November at 9am

Tuesday the 7th of November at 9pm


Thomond Park Studio:

Thursday the 7th of September at 9pm

Tuesday the 26th of September at 6pm


7 Week Mat Back Specific Pilates

Thomond Park Studio:

Monday the 6th of November at 7pm

Monday the 6th of November at 8pm


8 Week Back Specific Reformer Pilates


Wednesday the 11th of October at 5pm

Wednesday the  11th of October at 6pm

Wednesday the 11th of October at 8pm


Thomond Park Studio:

Thursday the 19th of October at 7pm


8 week Postnatal Reformer Pilates

Thomond Park
Thursday the 21st of September at 11am
Monday the 9th of October at 9pm   
Tuesday the 31st of October at 11am    

8 week Pregnancy Reformer Pilates

Thomond Park
Monday the 25th of September at 8pm
Tuesday the 24th of October at 7pm
Thursday the 12th of October at 8pm
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