Our Team

Christian Fruergaard – Pilates Instructor & Chartered Physiotherapist


Founder of The Pilates Room – Thomond Park. As well as being a Pilates instructor I am also a
Chartered Physiotherapist and it was through my training in Denmark that I first discovered
Pilates. Whilst working on my final thesis in collage I read about Pilates,
which at that time was relatively unknown in Denmark (thesis was about reliability & validity of
testing for Low Back Pain). Soon after my graduation I did my Mat certification and Pilates has
since been an integral part of my practice. I have since trained and studied extensively and am
today using various Pilates apparatus’ including the reformer. I am regularly attending courses
and workshops in Ireland and abroad and I have been taught by such distinctive teachers like Alan
Herdman, Elizabeth Larkam, Mary Bowen and the late Julian Littleford.

I find Pilates absolutely amazing and I have seen so many times how it can transform people’s
lives. Pilates is about learning how to MOVE properly and that involves the ENTIRE body; from the
way you stand on your feet to how you move you head. Pilates will have a profound effect on how
you think and perceive your body and is very effective in dealing with and correcting poor
movement patterns.

I am constantly looking to improve my practice and I go to great lengths to further my education
both in the area of Pilates and Physiotherapy. I am very committed to Pilates and teaching and I
always try and get this across to my clients. Pilates is a learning process, an external learning
process and an internal learning process.

I have always been very active and have experience in many sports; football, running, golf,
badminton, tennis and cycling. In my work as a Chartered Physiotherapist I would have extensive
experience in orthopaedics, sports injuries, back/neck pain both in various hospital settings and
working privately.

Leah Harte – Pilates Instructor

LeahLeah holds an Advance Diploma in Pilates Matwork Level 1, 2 & 3 from the National Training Centre in Dublin and has also completed Reformer Level  1 & 2 training. Leah has a background in ballet and she has had a lifelong interest in body movement. Without initially realising why, she now recognise that what drew her to Pilates were those qualities it shares with ballet – its combination of strength with elegance and its characteristically precise yet flowing and always
energetic style. That being said, as a Pilates teacher, Leah is particularly interested in how Pilates complements other types of movement, be it another sport or type of exercise or merely the
patterned movements of our daily lives. Pilates is without a doubt a thinking movement, and the strength of the body and mind to control movement continually excites her.


Leah had a stent in UL as an exchange student in 2003 but she returned to Limerick from Minnesota
in 2005 eager to pursue her M.A. in Literature. After she completed that, she then started working
towards her PhD in Literature, which she successfully finished in 2010. In the meantime, she
discovered Pilates, and her professional direction has veered accordingly.

Today Leah has extensive teaching experience having thought classes to all levels all over
Munster. She has become an avid proponent of how Pilates can transform – from building muscular
strength, to realigning the body, and through its continual focus on the connection between body
and mind.


Charlotte Keogh:

Charlotte has trained in the Stott Pilates Method and has been teaching pilates since 2011.  After a broken ankle in 2010 and after the birth of her second child she turned to Pilates as a way to return to exercise and balance her body. She very quickly fell in love with the Pilates Method and after seeing the core strength and flexibility she had gained  she wanted others to discover themselves too. As preparation she studied Anatomy and Physiology over one summer to enable her to enroll on the Pilates Instructor Course.
2 babies later and with many classes taught, she continues to spread the ‘Pilates love’ and is very passionate about continuing education and working with as many bodies as she can to ensure classes are current, enjoyable and her clients are getting results.
Charlotte is also trained & qualified to teach Pre and Past Natal Pilates and Golf Specific Pilates.  Exercise during Pregnancy is a particular area that interests her greatly and through experience and education she has found Pilates to be a very safe and effective exercise to continue right up to giving birth.